And she said to me!!

"From the top you can see so far into the distance
Look it’s downhill all the way from here
Getting there is quicker like going you just slide
Shouldn’t take more then a year

I could almost like you
Now it’s nearly over
Now you’ve shown some weaknesses
Now you’re looking older

And I heard what you said
And I recognise those feelings
I know how hard it is to watch you go
And all the effort that it took to get here in the first place
And all the effort not to let the effort show

And I could almost like you
Now you’re falling over
Now you’re feeling hopeless
Now you’re looking over your shoulder

Who’s gonna come and find you?
Who’s coming up behind you?

If you can ride the backlash
There’s still time for a comeback
You don’t have to lie down and die
But Lazarus only did it the one time
He couldn’t face another try !!"

-Everything but the girl-

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