Back to the mine!!

After a great week that a spend, finally with my family in my hometown (Espinho – North of
Portugal), i had the oportunity to see my older soon André, as well as my fantastic nephews!
It was incredible for them to know my young baby Santiago with just 25 days old!! I went
to the beach with them and  i miss my days as a child, growing up in Espinho were i lived 30
years with the beach at 2m distance. I grew on that same beach, surfing and phishing with
my brother and my friends and seeing all the boys together, five of them, it seem that my
life as a child there, was 100 years ago! Thats what a miss the most, running and diving
freely in those beaches, from dawn till sunset!! Nice feeling to go back after so long!!
I missed my family and friends, but specialy my soon that is beatifull and caring!
Now i have a new life and i’ll always have the oportunity to go back, even for one day!
I’m an imigrant now and i’m back to the mine but as some one said…i’ll be back!!! EhEh!!

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